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The Empowering University

A strategy to empower students, staff and our partners to create a fairer society.

Our mission

Discovering gateways of opportunity that empower students, staff and our community to create a fairer society.

Our vision

Creating a community of participation, fairness and collective responsibility; transforming individual lives and championing a fair and sustainable society.

Our values

We support each other, we value difference and are honest and compassionate towards others. Together we will be courageous in exploring possibilities, breaking down barriers and re-imagining new horizons.

Strategy pillars

Our strategy is delivered through four key pillars: Learning for Life, Knowledge Creation, Empowering People and Partnerships with Purpose.

We will respond to local, national and global business needs to provide flexible ways to upskill our students. Our research will focus on creating and applying knowledge for the purpose of social benefit. We won’t be afraid of doing things differently. As an empowering university, our staff, students and partners will actively be part of a diverse community that will strive for equality.

— Professor Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor

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