Courses starting in January 2024

Ƶ Leicester (Ƶ) is delighted to offer a number of courses starting in January 2024, across areas including art, design, business, computing, engineering and nursing.

We want you to have the best university experience possible, that’s why Ƶ offers the perfect combination of high-quality teaching and modern facilities to help you build an exciting, fulfilling future career. Based in the centre of Leicester, located in the heart of England, our campus blends the historical and the new and has provided an inspiring place to study for more than 150 years.

We’re on hand to help you apply for a postgraduate course, through our handy guide and the scholarships options available to you, including our dedicated Alumni Scholarship, which provides Ƶ graduates with a tuition fee discount of up to 20 per cent.

You’ll be taught by passionate and enthusiastic lecturers, several of which have excelled in the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme – the most prestigious awards for excellence in higher education – while our courses are all carefully designed to help you gain the skills needed to enter today’s competitive jobs market. We complement this with support from our award-winning Careers Team, who can provide access to a range of benefits to help you with your career progression.

For those of you looking for an alternative to full-time, on-campus study, we also offer a range of alternative study methods, including our part-time and Distance Learning courses providing a flexible way to study around your lifestyle.

What we can offer

Why choose a course starting in January?

There are plenty of reasons to start your Ƶ journey in January and here are just a few examples explaining why it could be the right choice for you.


Further your education

Whether you want to direct yourself towards a new career goal, become an expert in your area, or make yourself stand out to future employers, starting a postgraduate course in January is a great opportunity. You can enhance your learning, gain new skills and strengthen your position to join the jobs market after completing your studies.


Take a break

After a sustained period in education, taking a break from study can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to fully engage with postgraduate learning. Choosing a January start still allows time for travel plans, internship or placement opportunities and recuperation without requiring the commitment of a full year out.


Alternative job market entry

In an increasingly competitive graduate jobs market, finishing your studies at a different time of year to the peak graduate entry can decrease the volume of competition. Our award-winning careers support means that by studying with us you will benefit from our careers commitment, giving you access to work experience opportunities, help with your CV and the job interview process as well as life long support as a Ƶ graduate.


More time to decide

The pressure of applying for postgraduate study while still completing the final year of an undergraduate degree can be hard to balance. Applying for a course with a later start date can give you time to reflect and choose a programme that genuinely matches your career aspirations and passions.


International students

If you missed an application deadline, struggled to get necessary paperwork in order or couldn’t travel in September, starting a course in January means you don’t have to wait a whole year before continuing your higher education journey. Check out our international homepage for more information.

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